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WHY Choose NCB IT SMS Marketing Service

Low-Cost Masking SMS Provider in Bangladesh

NCB IT SMS provides Best & Cheapest Masking SMS service in Bangladesh. Masking SMS is now a Very Popular Service to Every Business Owner. It’s Also Called Branded SMS Service in Bangladesh. Masking SMS service can send your text message to the receiver containing your Brand or Business Name. Before ordering any Masking SMS You need to fill up this form in your Official Pad & send it to us at this email address: Masking SMS Sender ID maximum character will be 11 digits. After Fill up the form we receive it will take 6/7 Business days to approve your sender ID.


  • MASKING: 0.63/Per SMS
  • NON MASKING: 0.32/Per SMS
  • VOICE SMS: 1.50/ Per Minute
  • Validity: 3 Month
  • MASKING: 0.60/Per SMS
  • VOICE SMS: 1.50/ Per Minute
  • Validity: 6 Month
  • MASKING: 0.55/Per SMS
  • NON MASKING: 0.27/Per SMS
  • VOICE SMS: 1.50/ Per Minute
  • Validity: 1 Year

Masking SMS in Bangladesh

Make your applications SMS enabled with NCB IT Bulk SMS Gateway. NCB IT is an advanced bulk SMS service in Bangladesh.

  • Trusted SMS Delivery
  • Reach and Engage More Customers
  • Improve Customer Experiences
  •  Lower Operational Costs