School management software is the most digitalized management system for well-known organizations. We arrange this Software thinking about the suitability of schools management system. 




  • Student’s admit and registration.
  • Automatic grading system.
  • Result card of each Student.
  • Class, section, course, anything you can add at your own will.
  • Result card or monthly payment or other things can send to the parents by E-mail or printed. 
  • Calculation of Student’s Monthly pay. 
  • You are getting one-time payment.
  • Get examination fee, session fee, fine or other things.
  • Full analyzing system of the monthly payment like who gives the amount, who receives this and when receives this payment.
  • Calculation of income and expenditure.
  • Get a salary estimation of Teachers and Staff.
  • You can customize different kind of data.
  • Enjoy an opportunity to analyze your organization’s curriculum sitting at home.
  • Different cost management like everyday cost/ hospitality cost/ organization cost/ development cost and other costs.
  • Auto result option where Student’s result will form automatically based on GPA.
  • Marksheet will be print out.
  • Ensure the presence of the parents.
  • Online attendance system.
  • Use a system to know the Student’s performance.
  • Generate smart card of each Student.


Not only these features but The School Management Software also has more features. You can use those features for the development of your Institution. The exciting thing is that you can customize the features you want.





The Specially of this Software is that only the principal can see every calculation and permit to others. The man who manages the monthly payment can see and control that section. The man who admits Students can only see and control the admit section. They can’t access other parts without Principles permission. 


If your computer has stolen or damaged, what will happen next?

Don’t worry. Your data will keep safe because of our backup option. 


You can store organizations resource calculation, Income-expenditure calculation, external Income-expenditure calculation and many more. As a result, you need not use paper and pen.


Here are an individual account and password system for each teacher/ staff. In the account section, there includes salary, allowance, due, advance and other things. 


In the case of manual calculation with paper-pen, there is a possibility of making an error. The Software deletes that possibility. Are you in fear, if anyone can see your essential or secret data? This Software will relieve you from this pain. Unwanted people can’t see or steal your documents.


You can know the company’s past, present and future in just one click. This Software is safe. As you can create more than one admin or user, only the owner will do the calculation of profit-loss.


The most beneficial matter is that you need not be an expert to run this Software. The only thing you need is a primary knowledge of computer.